Casa De Darei

Since January 1997, the property is managed by a family company, the Sociedade Agro Pecuaria da Quinta de Darei, Lda. This administration, determined in the recovery of property, has been making large investments in several areas, giving priority to winemaking, with the objective of recovering the image of producer of high quality Dão wines.

The Casa de Darei is a 150 hectare estate, located in the municipality of Mangualde, crossed by the Dão River, upstream from the Fagilde Dam, in Darei, a village with about 40 inhabitants. A privileged location with about 2 km of shores on the lake formed by the dam. The domain is inserted in 3 demarcated regions: Dão wine, Queijo da Serra and Maçã Bravo de Esmolfe.

The Darei wines are a pure reflection of the Dão's terroir. They are wines the family want authentic and real - they do not follow trends, they are natural, handmade, pure, real wines, with personality and consistency.

Our natural approach to wine production allows us to enhance the terroir we are working with and get the maximum elegance and purity in our final product. We are working with relatively young vines between 10 and 15 years old, but the complexity is achieved because of all our natural elements combined: granitic soils, high thermal amplitude, altitude of our vineyards (+ 400m) and the grapes.