Casa Relvas

100 hectares of vines were planted at the Herdade de S. Miguel and at the Herdade da Pimenta in the years 2001, 2002 and 2003. Because of our growth, the search for diversity and the authenticity of our wine in over the years, we have come to establish contracts at different points in the Alentejo with several winegrowers.


Having several different production points, all located in the north of the Alentejo, we are privileged with skeletal soils, mainly schist and granitic.


Although we refer to the vinification of world grape varieties, we try, year after year, to select grape varieties of Portuguese origin.


We believe that the success of the wine results essentially from the quality of the grapes, which is why we work, year after year, with the ISA, to the evolution of technology which helps us to understand the complexity of the life of the vine.