The products are delivered to the delivery address indicated by the Customer during the ordering process. It is the Customer's responsibility to check the accuracy of the information entered before validating the order (building number, floor, intercom name, digital code...). The delivery of the products is assured in Belgium. The Sol Ar does not deliver to post office boxes. The delivery is made by a specialized carrier.


Delivery times and rates



For all orders placed before 1pm, delivery can be made the next day between 8am and 6pm, anywhere in Belgium for a fixed price of 10€ (maximum quantity: ......).


The boxes can be delivered wherever the customer wishes: at home, at the office, at the neighbour's, to a third party recipient of a gift,....


Delivery can take place between 8am and 6pm*, on the day of the customer's choice, within 7 working days following the order. An e-mail will be sent to the customer on the day of delivery around 8am, to specify the delivery time within a 3 hour time window. For example: "the delivery will be made between 11am and 2pm".

Free delivery from 200€ purchase:

From 200€ of purchase, delivery is free between 8am and 6pm on weekdays and Saturdays, anywhere in Belgium, regardless of the number of boxes/crates ordered.  


An e-mail will be sent the morning of the delivery, to specify the delivery time within a time interval of 3 hours. For example: "the delivery will take place between 14h and 17h".


Delivery charges

Delivery charges depend on the delivery method chosen by the Customer and are calculated on the totality of the order. They will be indicated to the Customer at the end of the order before confirmation of the order by the Customer.

Terms and conditions of delivery

In case of absence on the day of delivery :

In case of absence during the agreed time period, your order will be delivered to the address of the neighbour whose details you will have given us when you placed your order. If your neighbour is not present, a message will be left by the carrier in your mailbox and an e-mail will be sent to you. Via an internet link included in this e-mail, you will have the possibility to agree on another delivery time, at no extra cost.

Following two (2) unsuccessful presentations due to the absence of the Customer despite an appointment being made, the order will be cancelled and the product refunded after deduction of the costs of the second presentation.

Identification :


The Customer agrees to receive or make arrangements to receive the products at the address indicated on the order form. The carrier is likely to ask the recipient for identification.

If the recipient mentioned is unable to receive the order himself, he will have to mandate, to represent him, a third party with a power of attorney and a photocopy of the identity card of the said recipient.

No request for delivery of the package will be honored if the conditions indicated above are not respected.

Accessibility :

It is the Customer's responsibility to check prior to ordering, in particular with regard to the specifications of the products in terms of size, weight and volume, that they can be transported by normal access routes to the place of delivery.


In the event of delivery to the Customer's workplace, as the carrier does not have access to the premises, the Customer must take all necessary precautions so that he can deliver the order and the recipient can receive it.


Refusal :


In the event of refusal of the recipient at the reception, for personal convenience or inaccessibility, the expenses of return of the product will be the responsibility of the Customer:


- if the shipping costs are not included in the price of the product, The Sol Ar will invoice the Client for return costs equivalent to the price paid by the Client for the delivery of the product. The return costs will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.




- if shipping costs are included in the price of the product, The Sol Ar will invoice the Client for return costs up to the amount of the costs incurred by The Sol Ar. The return costs will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.


Reception of products


The delivery of the bottles at good port and in good condition is guaranteed. In the event of loss, breakage or damaged bottles, these will be replaced, free of charge and without additional delivery costs.


Despite all our precautions, a problem may arise. The recipient must check upon receipt that the delivery is in conformity with the order. For example, the Customer must check whether any products are damaged or missing. The Sol Ar recommends that the Customer does not accept or remove packages if they have been opened, opened, and re-taped.


The Customer undertakes to sign the delivery note or transport receipt presented by the carrier, on which he may make any precise and concise handwritten reservations concerning the products and packages delivered (do not mention a statement such as "subject to unpacking", "subject to proper functioning", "packaging defect" ...) Depending on the problem found, the recipient may refuse all or part of the delivery and notify the Seller via the contact form available on the site.


By signing the delivery note or transport receipt, then kept by the carrier, the Customer acknowledges having received the correct number of packages shipped.

Delayed delivery

The Sol Ar is bound by an obligation of means and not of result with regard to the delivery times of the products ordered.


In the event of a delay in delivery of more than three working days compared to the date initially planned, The Sol Ar suggests that the Client inform it of this delay by contacting Customer Service. The Sol Ar will then contact its carrier or supplier to start an investigation. An investigation can last up to 8 working days from the date of its opening at the carrier. If during this period, the product is found, it will be re-routed immediately to the Customer's home. If on the other hand the product is not found at the end of the 8 working days of investigation, the carrier considers the package as lost. It is only at the end of this period that The Sol Ar can return a replacement product to the Client, at The Sol Ar's expense. If the product(s) ordered are not found or are no longer available for sale following this investigation, The Sol Ar will reimburse the Client for the amount of the products concerned by the loss of the carrier and the amount of the shipping costs.


It is nevertheless specified that any delay in delivery within 3 days, from the date initially planned, and not due to a case of force majeure, The Sol Ar will allow the Client to request the cancellation of his order by e-mail from the form or by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. The Sol Ar undertakes to reimburse the Customer for the sums paid as soon as possible and at the latest within 30 days following his request.

IMPORTANT ! It is to be noted that :

- the indicated deadlines are in working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).

- delivery times are understood as from the date of validation of the order by The Sol Ar.

- the delivery will be carried out within the property limit.

The impossibility for the carriers to deliver the products on the second agreed date, in case of absence of the Customer or lack of information on the need to use specific means of delivery, may give rise to the payment of additional delivery costs according to the estimate communicated by the carrier.


Shipping of products

It is agreed that the products that will be delivered and invoiced to the Client will remain the property of The Sol Ar until full payment of their price.

Failure to pay may result in the seller claiming the products. The above provisions do not prevent, as of delivery, the transfer to the Customer of the risks of loss or deterioration of the products as well as any damage they may cause.


Return of products

The return of products is at the expense and risk of the Customer.